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Kevin MacAfee

Rory’s opinion raises many potential issues for dually owners if they do not have clearance. Is he simply offering an opinion or does he know for a fact there are documentable instances where Northstar campers have been damaged with a stacked extension? Then there is a question as to whether the camper is left on the truck after loading or taking it off and on multiple times while in use.

I didn’t ask him specifically but given his 40 years of experience at Northstar and Bundutec, I took him at his word and assumed it was based on past experiences. It’s basic physics though — the farther you move those jacks away from the camper, the more stress there is on the jack brackets. Imagine trying to lift a vehicle with a jack under a 12″ beam extension bolted/welded to the frame. A lot of stress would be placed on the weld or bolts holding that beam to the frame. Contrast that with simply lifting the vehicle directly under the vehicle frame itself the way jacks typically work. Any stress would be on the frame itself which it’s designed for.

I am sure you could reach out to Rory and ask him.

Not trying to stir the pot – just offering some advice passed on from an industry expert.