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We’ve thought of ways to reduce weight in our bigfoot 1500.
We already don’t have an AC or a microwave.
I looked at the following areas as placed to lose weight;
Remove water heater (we don’t use it to wash dishes and we shower outside it would be easy to use a solar shower)
Remove second propane tank and replace with a small 10pound tank
Replace main propane tank with a composite tank
Remove 1/2 of rear seats
Lighter aluminum spare tire wheel
Remove rear truck bumper
Remove cabinet doors and replace with bungee nets
Lighter weight dinette table
Replace dinettes table legs with aluminum legs
Swap out the 6vdc golf cart batteries for some lithium ones
Remove the jacks.
Fill the tanks less full
Take less stuff.

If we did all of these items
I think we could lose about 500 pounds. With some of the weight being pretty high up in the rig. But some things would be very expensive. Like the batteries, wheel, composite propane tank.