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The state of communications for rural and on the road people is changing quickly.
Yesterday, our cell phone provider, AT&T quietly announced its, “Great Deal Plan” offering 100 GB of data for $55 per month. You must purchase the Netgear Nighthawk LTE mobile hotspot (dedicated internet box) router for an extra $8.34/mo.

This follows our installation of Wilson’s Cell Phone Booster for our home on Sunday.
The hotspotting of our phones to our computers is ridiculously faster than HughesNet’s $112/mo. slow WiFi. Hughes is going to take a giant hit.

So, I cancelled HughesNet today.

I was ready to order Wilson’s Drivereach RV (and hardwire #850022 DC/DC adapter) when the news broke about the “Great Deal”. What is so great about it for us RV types? Portability. The Nighthawk will go right into the camper so I can continue to work with enough reception whether at home or on the road.

So the question remains: Will the Nighthawk be enough in the boonies?
We’ll take this one step at a time. If it’s not enough, I’ll continue to order Wilson’s Drivereach RV.
Yes, the state of the art of communications is changing faster than we can keep up.
When I was in College in the early 1960’s, I attended a speech presented by the legendary anthropologist, Margaret Mead.
She said,”The ever increasing speed in the world of technology is changing faster than we can comprehend or keep up with.”
So it has come to pass; over and over again.

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