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We got a great deal on a 2000 F350 7.3 truck with a bigfoot camper. Truck was stock and only had 80k miles on it.
My dad got a great deal on a 2000 f350 dually v10 with only 60k miles.

Mine is the first diesel I’ve owned but I’ve been around a lot of them over the years everything from a terrible diesel rabbit, up to the latest and greatest modern post DEF rigs.

What I don’t like about diesels
the up front cost 10k in some cases
The decrease in payload.
The dramatic increase in service cost (I have to buy my oil by the gallons now)
The noise and stink (I have a predef trucks)
The rolling coal redneck association with the engine.
The sky high cost of fuel CA raised diesel tax dramatically a couple of years back.
The slowness off the line, while it will climb anything our 7.3 doesn’t do it fast

What we like about diesel
Ours was cheap, we paid less for our whole rig then most people pay for just the truck with the miles and condition we got.
It climbs anything
It has an 8 foot bed
It gets 13-15 mpg loaded or unloaded
Domestic parts are much cheaper than import parts
That’s about it.
When this truck goes it will be replaced by a gasser most likely.

For us, the initial cost, the ongoing service costs, the fuel costs, the weight penalty, and the environmental concerns, noise and air pollution, cold weather hassles, and finding fuel hassles do not outweigh the tiny amount of fuel savings and slightly better performance of a diesel.