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I have had a couple of Wilson Boosters over the years and they worked well. Looking at their page they don’t make the ones I have anymore. There are a few things you need to be aware of on the antenna.

The antenna is line of sight so it needs to be the highest point on your RV. Looks like that model comes with a bracket for your ladder. So it should work well. It has a spring base so id you hit a tree branch it shouldn’t break? I broke several on my dump truck before I got a spring loaded wire antenna.

Any of them should work at your house. If you know where the tower is you may be able to get away with not having it at the highest point on your house I would check at their tech support on that and if you need a ground plane. Might wanna buy an extra antenna so you won’t have to keep moving them around. The other thing to check out is the length of the antenna wire to see if it is long enough for your application. Mine isn’t long enough to reach from the camper ladder to the cab of my truck. I just use my phone in the camper.

Wilson has a 90 money back deal if it doesn’t work for you, so there isn’t much risk.

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