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Phil Patterson

Hey Jefe, I purchased the Wilson x 5G (their latest model) a few months back primarily because at one of our favorite Oregon beach campsites (Tillicum beach just south of Waldport) we could only rarely if ever catch even a hint of cell service, and when we could it was mostly only momentary but as I said mostly not at all…

With the Wilson, I was able ‘enough of the time’ to get service and even slip in a couple of short youtube clips, though at certain times service would still be spotty…I tend to believe some of the spottiness was due to ‘signal crowding’ at the local cell tower, but it at least worked well enough (though somewhat intermittent…) to get our email and to stay abreast of news events…

Although I cannot recall the specific instances or exact whereabouts since having acquired the booster, there have been another maybe two or three times in our travels where recep was not otherwise happening unless the booster was on, and for some odd reason we have a similar kinda intermittent problem at our house…I was told that because of investment in 5G (though not coming to our area) my carrier was not spending moola to maintain our local 4G, thereby causing the poor recep problem – I have no way to know whether or not this is true, but the booster did allow me to make a cell call from inside my RV garage…

So my experience is admittedly relatively recent and limited, but after much frustration, I took the plunge based mostly on my seasoned and credible camping pal who has always sworn by his.

It does at least provide me with a bit of additional peace of mind when out on the road…Hope this helps,