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thanks, considering suspension upgrades to include: leaf springs and shocks. only have 26 gallon water storage; I had considered traveling without water until I get to the point I leave civilization.

did you modify your suspension for your rig? if yes, what did you use and/or recommend?


So we have a Silverado 1500, 2 door, 8′ box with a 1850 lb (wet) pop-up camper with a total weight of 6850 lbs. The old school 2 door trucks with 8″ box have the highest cargo ratings. So We are over on our 6600 lb GVW but under on the 7200 lb GAWR. We added one helper spring per side on the rear (local spring shop), a 2″ front leveling kit (for appearance and to stiffen up the coils), heavy duty Bilstein shocks (likely your bouncing problem) and Power Stop brakes.

Everything worked well last summer including long down grades in the mountains and an emergency stop when a deer walked out in front of us. The Power Stop brakes are amazing and way better than the stock brakes. Despite the high price the Bilstein shocks took out any bounce we experienced on rural roads. This summer we have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) installed so we can watch all 4 tire pressures and temperatures while on the road. Thats how we are set up which is much the same as you less the dirt bike.