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Would it be better to install a 3000watt inverter on my truck and use my 30 amp power cord and plug it in to my shore power port so I can power my refrigerator while driving . If I go the other route and use a DC to DC charger and charge just my truck camper batteries that will not run my refrigerator while driving

I have a 2019ram 3500 DRW and dual alternator with over 400 amps

I have the same interest in charging the camper’s batteries with the truck’s alternators, although what I’m after is to able to charge them when we are boondocking in the trees when there’s minimal charging from the solar panels. I hate the noise of running the Honda gen. I have the same dual alternators, 400 amps, in a f450 4x diesel. I’m getting a dc-dc 60 amp charger, the biggest I could find, that will connect to the truck’s battery and charge the camper’s. The alternators will sense the load and cover it.

Ford makes a high-idle module called a SEIC, Stationary Enhanced Idle Control, that allows the truck’s rpm to be goosed up when the truck is parked. Ford says it’s for PTO equipment and high electricity demands, like the application here. At about 1500 rpm, the alternators really start pumping out the amps. Ram might have something similar for your truck.