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Just spoke to a Nevada Utility worker guy (NV Energy) while at the gas pump… He was driving a 2018 Ford F-550 with an extended length utility body and a bucket lift. I’d noticed that he was filling it up with gas, so I asked him if it was a gasser and he said yes…Wasn’t sure about engine size but he said that it was gutless on the highway and going up a hill but gets by ok otherwise because it spends most of it’s time running easy in the city. He said their previous rigs were all diesel but NV Energy had too many emission problems due to slow city speeds and many hours of engine idling while using the bucket lift powered by the PTO…Obviously, lots of low speed soot being produced (due to EGR), while very few opportunities at regeneration…

Surely this commercial market requirement is why Ford saw fit to develop their new 7.3 high torque gasser…JMO