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Bob, I would advise a different approach because ‘idling’ a newer diesel engine for extended periods (say, only to make use of the alternator…) is not a recommended practice because it can lead to costly emissions issues such as EGR cooler plugging, DPF plugging, and even sooting of the turbo vanes ($$). As unintuitive as at first it might seem, newer diesels work better when under a heavier LOAD, and (as I recall), my Ram 6.7 owner’s manual cautions against prolonged idling. But regulated charging via the alternator when underway is a quite different scenario – JMHO

I’m not sure what your electrical skills are (or budget!), but FWIW over a time I’ve set-up my camper in a way that pretty much meets all of your goals, including running the microwave, 120v receptacles and even the 11kbtu air conditioner (for say an hour or two) from a 200a/hr *Lithium battery concurrent with 440w of solar. We mostly camp off-grid in the high Nevada desert for Polaris RZR OHV travels. I have a Honda 2200i but only use it very occasionally for extended air conditioner runs.

* much deeper DOD (depth of discharge) than same size AGM’s, faster harvest recovery, and with only minimal voltage sag.

So all is possible and doable but depends on one’s mindset, skillset, spare time and of course project budget.