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Rob and Beverly

JeFe,thank you for helping us clear up some of the payload questions we have prior to ordering our new truck to haul a slide in camper as well as tow a 3k lb boat.we like a lot of people I’m sure have struggled with figuring out payload capabilities of a truck that has not been built yet trying to use fords different official payload matrix that seems to be as variable as the weather while not providing the specific decrease in payload in relation to the options you can choose.were going to go ahead and order a f350 4×4 xlt premium package gasser with the camper package.we will also upgrade the tires to the lt275/70rx18e and the 240 amp alternator .due to the rising cost of fuel we are still on the fence concerning the 6.2l with either the 3.73 or 4.3 electronic locking axle or the 7.3 with the 4.3 .the boat and 2500 pound camper would only be hauled in the flat coastal areas of the southeast while the camper alone would be hauled allover the country mostly staying in campgrounds and driving on graded roads.if we may ask please give your opinion on which motor combination you would choose giving the variables mentioned above as well as should we get the 5fer option to add extra frame support in consideration of a reciever hitch extension for the boat hauling.thanks in advance Rob and Beverly