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Jeanie and I had our 1.5 year old combo CO/propane detector go off every night around 3 A.M. during the 2021 TCA Rally last week. The initial problem was a prop leak at the tank valve. But I’m still wondering how the prop smell got out of a sealed exterior cabinet and down to the floor of the camper as we smelled no gas inside, only outside. It may have travelled through the closed and sealed fresh water inlet. How, i don’t know. We drove the 6 miles to Quartzsite and replaced the tank.
Same problem reappeared during the next night so i ripped the cover off and tripped the test button.
Subsequent camping along the Bradshaw Trail we had no more detector going off.
There seems to always be some mystery behind the detector going off at odd times.
I was amused at the flimsy instructions when the CO/prop detector alarm goes off.
1. vacate the RV. (@ 3 A.M.?)
2. contact a qualified technician to fix it. (Steve, where are you?)

In searching the internet for answers we ran across this funny gem.
A couple in their RV had their CO alarm go off at odd times and could not find the reason why. They eventually found the culprit; their large and very gaseous pooch used to lay on the floor right in front of the detector and squeeze off a pop of methane tripping the detector.

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