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Your dilemma is universal.
There is a lot to consider.
Below is a rough outline of the 55 minute spiel I gave at the 2021 TCA Rally last week in Quartzsite AZ.

The final version is 10 pages fleshed out with supporting info and commentary, and will eventually show up as a piece on this website.

I wish there was a way to PM you as I could send you the finished product.


Fuel cost.
Fuel availability
Fuel tank size
Running out of fuel
Diesel Penalty at purchase
Gas Penalty at purchase
Your age and how it affects your purchase
How long will you own the truck?
State fuel taxes
Power and Torque:

“Hands down the diesel, warts and all, has the advantage here. In my survey of owners, the dividing line between success with a diesel or gas engine gravitates to the weight of 15K pounds. Above that GVWR or GVWR of a trailer or 5th wheel, the diesel is king.
Below 15K pounds, a gas engine like the 7.3L Ford, GM 6.6 gas each with a new 10 speed trans, or Fiat/Chrysler 6.4L Hemi will handle whatever you’ve got, with the Fiat/Chrysler being the least capable.”

ENGINE WEIGHT and effect on payload
SPEED you travel
TERRAIN: high altitudes? Flat or mountainous?
SHORT TRIPS effect on gas vs. diesel

Here is a comparo of gas and diesel engine specs:
The important discovery here is how only the Ford 7.3L gasser retains most of its torque as the rpm’s drop. The GM is next, with the Fiat/Chrysler 6.4L falling off the torque chart.

2020 Chevrolet 6.6L gas V-8 engine with direct injection,
rated at 401 HP @ 5200 rpm
Torque peak 464 @ 4000 rpm falling to 345 @ 1600 rpm

2020 Duramax turbo diesel L5P engine,
rated 445 HP @ 2800 rpm. and dropping going up.
rated 910 TQ @ 1600 rpm. and dropping going up.

2020 RAM Hemi 6.4L gas truck engine,
rated 410 HP @5600 rpm
rated 429 TQ @4000 rpm dropping like a rock to 100 #feet @1600 rpm.

2020 Cummins 6.7L H.O. turbo diesel ISB engine,
rated 400 HP @ 2800 rpm
rated 1000 TQ @ 1800 rpm

our retiring sled:
2001 Cummins 5.9L H.O. turbo diesel engine, 6-speed manual
rated 245 HP @ 2400 rpm
rated 505 lb-ft TQ @ 1600 rpm
with big torque all the way down to idle.

Brother John’s sled:
1999 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke turbo diesel engine, 6-speed manual
rated 235 HP @ 2700 rpm
rated 500 TQ @ 1600 rpm

Ford 7.3L gas V8
rated 430 HP @ 5500 rpm
rated 475 lb. ft. @ 4000 rpm
dropping to 405 TQ @ 1500 rpm
looking at the torque curve it barely drops @ 1500 rpm

Ford 6.2L gas V8
rated 385 HP @ 5750 rpm
rated 430 lb.-ft. @ 3800 rpm dropping to 200 lb. ft. @ 1500 rpm

2020 Ford F-350 XLT FX4 4WD SRW SB SC 7.3L Godzilla Gas TorqShift 10R140 397 amps dual Alt dual batts Frnt Dana 60; Rr Dana M275 E-locker 4.30's 4580/4320/4066# payload 7243# curb wt. 11,300# GVWR 5-er prepped. 2020 Northstar Laredo SC, 12v compressor fridge, cassette, 320w Solar sub zero insulation.