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Hey Squish,
Thanks for your response! Yeah I’ve got a Bigfoot too – and I covet the slideout trays on Northern Lites…….
I mean yeah, they do sound pricey, and hydro testing is always a hassle – but how much of an inconvenience and what is the cost of a back or shoulder injury while your truck camper adventuring. Seems as if starting out with a couple composite cylinders in the hold doesn’t seem like an all around bad idea, then ya know, if you can’t get ‘em refilled on the road, steel is readily available.

You mentioned a 17# cylinder, is that the number designation of a standard 20lb propane cylinder ?

Do any TCAer’s know if a composite cylinder is the same physical dimensions as a steel. Also…..anyone have a guess as to what a full 20lb composite cylinder weighs VS. a steel one ?