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Congrats on your new rig you will love it I’m sure. I also went and picked up my 2019 AF990 camper from the factory back in June of 2018. Make sure you remove your tailgate before leaving home or you will be packing it around on the return trip. Living in San Diego and the camper being in N/E Oregon made for a nice shakedown trip coming home. Drove up in two days, picked up camper and hung out in a small campground for two more days before driving back in 6 more days. Make sure camper is well secured and take your time going through corners. Try to make sure your truck is set up beforehand. My setup was a 2004 Ford F250sd with front and rear sway bars, airlift airbags and compressor, custom rear leaf springs. That truck recently gave up the goods so now I have a 2019 F350 CCSW and pretty much the same set up as before and it hauls it just fine. Just err on the side of caution and you’ll be good to go.