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Thanks all, I enjoy reading it all and take notes.
I for sure will not be in a hurry. I do like to take my time.
Anyway I do understand the need for “short shake” out Trips. But at the same time the picking up the camper will be 1100 miles away so short is out of the question but I do plan on spending a few extra days heading back.
It will have 200w of solar,2-6v agm, MPPT and 2000w inverter. I am thinking of a DC to DC charger also though. F-350 SRW.
The drive if itself is a big part of what I was wondering about. I have towed boats, trailers, and the sort. So how is hauling a big 5 ft high box (popup) in back different (or is it?) from a 25 ft trailer? I think it would be easier but things that come to mind are turnbuckles (how often you check them?) sway? wind? Anything to look out for or be on notice for? space is limited back there now, what might be ideas for recommended essentials? (for the truck and camper)
When towing I was able to fill the back of truck and the trailer with pretty much whatever I wanted. A big part of going with a TC was not be so bogged down with stuff.
I have had yards of gravel in my truck before but these TCs are high. If it will be similar to towing I got it covered.
But yes 1st haul with a TC and it will be across the Southern Rockys in February, that will be fun. It is a go!
Thanks again.