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aardvark. Not my intention to trash NorthStar either. Just pointing out some design and quality issues that i ran into. I sent them a nice letter telling them of the improvements i made to solve the problems and was disappointed that i never even got a reply.when i got my unit it looked and still does like new due to the very limited use it got. that is one reason i was disappointed to see the lag bolts pulling out of the walls for the lift unit after such low usage. I worked in an industry that used a multitude of RV, cast trailers motorhomes etc. they are all slapped together such that a red wire may be a green one at the other end of the coach. fuel lines can be spliced behind the fuel tank where you have to drop the tank to access it. I could go on and on about 32 years of working on rv and the poor workmanship. The staple stabbed into the wire harness on my camper is just another example. every time i get into my camper to look it over i say to myself what a nice unit it is but it is not perfect.