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Jefe, Yes there are few complaints on Northstar’s owner’s Facebook group. Do you know why that is so? I do. They kicked us out of the group because we were talking about the many defects of the 2017 Northstar Laredo we had in less than 2 years.

I don’t want to trash a company either. However, Northstar pulled that number on us with Facebook. Rex and others refused to reply after the first year or so about all the problems. I’ve read far too many problems on various sites about Northstar’s products.

Ardvark’s problem discovering wrong tape used, seems to be a norm not an out of the ordinary for the company. Is it their procedures, design, employees, absolutely no quality control? I don’t know.

I made suggestions on a number of things to Northstar how to improve, but apparently the company is just fine with what they produce which is pretty weird. If I had a 60 year old business I’d still always want to improve it.

The only thing I can’t say is, is the lack of quality and many issues a norm for all truck campers no matter the company or is this a Northstar “specialty”,