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2010 850SC. Bought in 2016 from a man who used it for 2 weeks a year and then it sat much like how i use it. First trip in 2016 went to raise the roof and would not raise on one side. Pin fell out of the rack assy. luckly i found it and was able to raise the roof. Getting ready to come home went to check all the lights and had no tail lights. Kept blowing the fuse. Talked to a policeman who was there due to the fact that my wife had passed away that morning and he gave me his card and said drive home carefully with no lights in the rear. got home and pulled out the light assemblies to trace the problem. Had to take out the heater, propane cabinet to get to the wires to the left side of the camper. Finally found a staple run through the purple wire to the lights causing a ground to the metal part of the camper. Also noticed that the lag bolts holding the lift rack were pulling out of the wall Had to drill a hole to the outside and install carriage bolts to hold the rack to the wall. Sent NorthStar a letter telling about the problems found on a camper and never got a response. also replaced the junk Chinese converter as recommended in this site. not impressed with the craftsmanship on NorthStar.