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If I understand correctly, once aired down the big Do’s and Don’ts are…
1. Don’t speed up for any distance that would cause the tires to quickly overheat and blow.
2. Don’t turn the steering wheel quickly or against hard resistance as you can separate the tire bead from the rim.
3. Don’t push or pinch a sidewall against a rock that could cause the tire bead to separate from the rim.
4. Do have a shovel and some type of heavy planks for self extracting.
5. Do have an appropriate tow strap/chain for your rig weight.
6. Do be prepared to walk out on your own if you are not traveling with a companion. Or maybe worse, be prepared to walk out with a wife who already said she thought this was a bad idea.


1. Is there anything else that should be added to the list?

2. I know having the camper limits how much of a side tilt to take and that it varies depending on if you have a hard-side or pop-up. Is there a side tilt angle to worry about that would cause the tire bead to separate?

3. Also, is there any hard guidance on whether dually tires can touch or not?