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Sorry in advance for only platitudes and anecdote.

Recovery boards are great. Before, you stuffed branches and rocks in front of the dug out tires to get traction. Which leads me to my first platitudes. Axes are for wannabe lumber jacks. Carry a bow saw. It will do everything you need with out the drawbacks of an axe.

I was very impressed with a Youtuber – SEEK ADVENTURE. He made several video about recovery boards. They are pretty self explanatory. He also saved me about $500 in recovery board purchases. Other good stuff about winching too. Next platitude. Recovery boards will do a lot, but they won’t do everything. Be prepared…with knowledge, not gadgets.

I think there are two type of TCers out there. People who own trucks and have a TC and 4x4ers who drag along a TC. Know which one you are, as they are not really that interchangeable.

Anecdote – Most remote recreation areas have groups that do off roading and recovery (rescue) for fun. Generally they are know as Jeep Clubs or Search & Rescue. They are excellent resources, friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. A word to the wise. Start your first encounter with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Can’t go wrong.