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So here’s what I’ve done in the off season. I’ve got a 1/3 inch rubber full bed mat. Then 2×6’s (laid flat). Then 3/4 inch plywood topped with another 1/3 rubber mat. The mats should help keep the camper from sliding around too much but I also added chocks and bolted them to the plywood to keep the camper centered.

I have not actually tried this set up on the trail yet but I think it will help keep the cabover from hitting the truck roof on gnarly Forest Service and BLM roads/trails. We will see what happens when we head out in a couple of months.

Also, yes, the camper will be higher and I am concerned about lifting the COG and the the potential for more sway, That’s why I’m also replacing the stock sway bars with Hellwigs. Nobody ever said this TC stuff was going to be cheap!!!