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Jason Arrington

Still have some fine tuning to do but I picked up the rig today and thought I’d post a quick pic.

Haul rig is a 2020 Ram 3500 crew cab longbed 4×4 with a 6.4 Hemi and 4234 lbs on the payload sticker. I was hoping for closer to 4400 but realized that the 50 gal tank took a big chunk off since payload is rated with a full tank of gas.

Camper is a 2016 Livin Lite 10.0 and yes, it’s the Ford edition. But since an F350 would have been too tall for my garage it’s going on a Ram, and folks can just deal with it. Went to the Cat scale before and after loading and the difference was 3100 lbs. For the second weigh in I had also added the Torklift frame mounts, inserts, and Fastguns but removed the tailgate and the little bumper step (which won’t work with the rear mounts).

With a full 50 gal tank and me in the truck it left me about 900 lbs to work with, which I think is doable.