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Jason Arrington

The biggest change I’ve seen on the new (2020-2021) models is the automotive style windshield on the cabover, which I really like. The only other brand that does a front cabover window these days as far as I can tell is Cirrus, and they’re just a little rich for my blood. Nice rigs though.

Glad to hear your 2015 is treating you well. I currently own a 2005 vintage Class C made by Thor, so I’m very aware of how … let’s just say haphazard the construction of mainstream RVs can be. Fortunately that also means I’ve gotten pretty good at DIY RV repairs.

If there are any other brands I should be taking a close look at I’m all ears though. My priorities are:

Hard side, no slide camper < 3000 lbs
Prefer N/S cabover
Decent amount of floor space for a medium-large dog
Passthrough window to truck so we can keep an eye on the pooch
Wet bath
Prefer larger seating area vs larger kitchen / more storage

We’ve kind of narrowed it down to Northstar vs Palomino but would consider a nice used rig at the right price.