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Is your ride a dually? I have an F-350 SRW.

I ordered and received a Big Wig and it was made for a dually so i sent it back. Their website was not very clear about that.

I’m trying Super Springs Sway Stops for a change since they don’t touch the overload spring when the truck is MT. I’ve also ordered Rancho 9K XL shocks again.

Currently we have a little sway but the camper is not loaded yet so not much compression on the overload spring. We’ll see with another 600 pounds or so.

I’m thinking an anti sway bar does less for you than an extra leaf in the pack; Rancho 9K’s, rear only; and the blocks that bring your overload spring into play sooner; i.e. Stable Loads or Sway Stops.

Our F350 diesel Lariat is SRW. Payload is slightly over 3500lbs. The dry weight of our Northern Lite 8-11 camper is 2740lbs. However, I removed the rear “porch” which was about 100lbs. I will also remove the side awning, and we are using Viking propane canisters. All things considered I think the amount of weight I’ve removed is balanced out by the tie downs, bed prep (mat, 2” rigid insulation, 1/4” plywood), and air bags.

With the camper loaded the overload springs are engaged. Initially we didn’t have any modifications to our suspension and we had quite a bit of sway. I wanted to install a sway bar as a first mod, but the Hellwig sway bars were not going to be available for months. We added helper springs, but there was still a fair amount of sway.

We had a trip planned and needed to so something, so I added airbags, which really helped. We live in a remote location and, of course, there is a pandemic, so I had to go with what I could actually obtain and install myself. A lot of companies have stuff on backorder.

I wasn’t expecting our Hellwig Big Wig sway bar until January. I was thinking about cancelling the order, but it showed up last week. So I guess I will install it and see if it adds even more stability.

If not for the pandemic and the massive fires that forced us from our home I would have done things differently.