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Kyle Banerjee

Battery voltage is good — and it’s also good at all the pins *except* the one that goes to the positive terminal in the battery.

After doing some poking around, I’ve discovered that standard installation for my connector is “upside down” explaining the weird pin behavior — but that my power problem is real and most likely because “smart connector” isn’t sensing a trailer and won’t send voltage down that line unless it senses brakes. I’ve found a number of guys griping on other forums about that.

I have to get some warranty work done anyway, so I’ll ask at Ford if they can do anything about that. If they can’t, I can redirect the running lights wire which delivers 12V to the battery. I’d lose the gems and need to run my lights, but I’m not sure if I care. I’d much rather be able to override the annoying behavior.

Another option is simply to route a wire from the positive terminal of the battery. Not sure if that would risk killing the battery when parked if I left the connector plugged in.