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Do you have an anti sway bar? If so, read on. I’ve used Stable Loads on my Dodge for 20 years in conjunction with 3-upper overload leaves, Rancho 9K’s, the factory anti-sway bar and an extra helper spring in the pack. With the camper on and loaded up I get no sway and a firm but controlled ride with enough articulation.

Empty, the thing is a buckboard even with the Ranchos on 1.

In pulling my camper transition from the built Dodge Cummins to our new Ford F-350 7.3L gasser, I noticed the distance between the upper overloads and the rubber stopper with an MT truck was about 4 inches.

Stable Loads are about 4 inches tall and I did not want them to be slapping the stops with an unloaded truck.

As a trial I have installed Super Springs Super Sway-Stops as they are only 3-1/4 inches tall and a bit softer. We’ll see if they eventually actually stop sway.

Now that the N* Laredo is up and on the Ford, i still get a little sway but the ride on any surface is the best I’ve experienced. However, this is without the camper being loaded up with another 700 pounds of people and survival supplies, so the test is not over. We live down a dirt/gravel road with potholes, so it’s a quick and dirty proving ground for suspensions.

After trying to fit an aftermarket anti-sway bar, I found out that they don’t make a 1-1/2 inch anti sway bar for an F-350 SRW Dana 36 spline M-275 rear axle, so I returned it. Because of the case config only the F-350 dually Dana 37 spline M-300 can use the upgrade bar.

One other consideration is how much axle articulation you lose with each spring; airbag; or block. For many pavement pounders this is a non-issue. For us off-road types, this makes a difference to be dealt with.

In the end, fine tuning or dialing in the lash up between your camper weight and your truck is an ongoing affair with inevitable trial and error.

So with that non answer, keep incrementally worrying your way through the process.


I believe my 2020 F350 4×4 does have an anti sway bar.

and… the camper is loaded 100% of the time, so my situation is simpler than some.

based on the rave reviews i have read of the front (blue, softest) SumoSprings… i have ordered them. 🙂