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Hey Harvey,
Thanks for your suggestion and the link. I have done this and the truck weighs in at just under 7,000 lbs – 2 passengers with a full fuel tank sans camper and right at the posted 11,000 GVW with camper, gear and water. – But…. this really doesn’t resolve the cryptic numbers listed on my door post label.

I purchased the truck new and the window sticker clearly states a GVWR of 11,000 LB, so I guess I’m just curious as to whether every make and model truck has this same rating label discrepancy? Or possibly, as in tow ratings, manufactures generate their own numbers – sans a universal testing agency.

So I guess the fundamental question is how does the truck manufacture arrive at these numbers and why would a discrepancy exist between the sum of the gross axle ratings – and the GVWR of the truck.

Also, although there are lot’s trucks around the ranch here, none (other than a 1970 C50) even have such a door post tag that’s readable.