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Well, back to your original question regarding 6v vs 12v batteries…If wet cells have been working well for you I’d suggest going with two 6v batteries (connected in series) mostly because they are more tolerant at frequent and somewhat deeper discharges without adverse effects, though they are about 3/4” taller (at the post) than a comparable 12v battery…Thus, it may pay to consider adding an automatic battery watering set-up…Having said that, with a CPAC machine, voltage drop-off (during the course of any normal discharge cycle) could be of concern because some inverters will alarm and/or even shutdown at about 12.x volts… To illustrate, here’s a handy googled link to a SOC/voltage chart:


FWIW, holes in the roof for solar panels IF caulked properly and inspected annually should be of little if any concern whatsoever – JMO…I have 6 panels (440w) totaling 24 screw brackets with no issues over an 11 year period…

Sounds like your inverter use is primarily for the CPAC, but I’d go with a pure-sine model simply because they are more efficient (less waste heat produced – a pf thingy) and because (as with solar per watt) prices have dropped dramatically…

The only leak ever experienced was a slight leak around a bathroom skylight surround caused by a leak beneath Eternabond – go figure, eh!! … Caulking around the eternabond edges eliminated the leak – finding the actual leak source was the hardest part because (dummy me Ugg !!) I had mentally dismissed the eternabond tape as a possible cause – WRONG lol!!

BTW, if you get another SOC meter, (first-hand ‘re-work’ $$ experience speaking here!!…) consider one that is also Lithium (i.e. LiFePo4) compatible, this in the event of a present or future Lithium upgrade…Victron’s excellent BMV 712 (with smart phone bluetooth) immediately comes to mind – just saying…