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Welcome to TCs! We also full-time RVed (for about 12 years) but finally sold it and made the move to a truck and camper. Now we no longer drive past those little roads with the remark, “I wonder where that goes?”. Now it’s, “Let’s find out!” You’ll love it!

Don’t know if this will help, but here goes. Our set-up is pretty minimal. We have a Lance 650 on a Ram 3500 (SRW/short bed/crew cab). Has only the single stock battery. We have a 160-watt Zamp portable panel and nothing on the roof. Logic for the portable was we can — using a 20-ft. extension — move it as needed to catch sun when parked in shady areas. It has worked out pretty well so far. We’ve never had a power crunch yet.

For CPAP I just got a Goal Zero Yeti-150 battery pack (150Wh, 14Ah (12V) but have yet to test it. Guess I’ll move that up on the ‘to-do’ list.

Enjoy your new rig!