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Mike WV

This is our 2016 Lance 825 on our new 2020 F-250 Crew Cab. We made the mistake of purchasing the Lance for our 2016 F-150 Super Cab with 2.7 Ecotech. The dealer told us it wouldn’t be a problem. We added airbags which kept things level and always aired up the tire to max pressure. We did go quite a few places – some towing a boat. After becoming more experienced and doing a lot more research we decided the F-150 was way overweight and the tires were a big concern. The Ford dealer said we could put E-rated tires on the original rims. Sure! We decided to go the smart route and make sure the new truck had the appropriate capacity. The only problem (other than the fun front Torklift install) was the clearance issues with the new truck vs. older camper. It wouldn’t clear the rear bumper and was right on top of the clearance lights. I could have fabricated a 2×6 (laying flat) frame to increase height, but decided on two 3/4″ plywood sheets fastened together so I could leave them in the truck covered by the mat and never have to take them out. I used the cutoffs to make two spacers that fit between the main sheets and wheel wells to keep it in place. Also added Timbren SES since we still tow a boat on occasion. I love this rig and feel a lot safer now.