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Hi Joel,

We have had a number of 12-volt TVs over the years. We have generally found the cheapest flat screens to not be worth the purchase price and the audio often does not have enough volume to be heard over the air conditioner.

We broke down and spent the bucks on a Jensen because they are designed for the rough roads RVs often travel and the speakers face forward rather than in the back of the TV. Jensens come in several sizes and we have a 28″ which takes up all the available wall space in our Northstar on the fridge wall. Given its size a standard swing-out did not work so I fabbed one that sits flush to the wall and swings around so it can be viewed from the living area as well as the bedroom.

The Jensens are relatively pricey, but they have a full assortment of ports so we jack our ROKU into the HDMI and run the Aux to the Aux on our Pioneer receiver so we can listen through the ceiling speaker system. I did not blue tooth it given the potential for delay between video and audio in some models. They are available in several sizes.

The picture is really good quality and I think it matches our Samsung and Sony at our house. The amp draw is 4 amps so it does suck power. As a rule the 12-volt TVs will operate in the same range as other RV appliances which is 10.5-16 VDC so should have no problem with your power, however, there may be variations so check any model you are considering to be sure check before buying.


Steve and Andra
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