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Thanks, Phil.

I’ve been thinking about covering the seams with 3M tape.

What’s frustrating is that there was no clear point of entry found for the water intrusion. This is my 3d RV to maintain. I’ve also had two fiberglass sailboats and a fishing boat to maintain. I’ve installed countless windows, doors and recaulked a ton of bathrooms and kitchens. I know how to inspect and caulk seams. My best friend and my middle sons father-in-law are both cabinet makers with years of experience applying veneers and framing structures…but not RVs.

This just seems like an odd design and method to apply a dynamic surface. The sidewalls, back wall and roof are still vacume sealed with a coating of glue. In a factory build video a point is made that there are no voids or gaps in the sandwiching of the wall panels. Not sure why the cap would be different. I’m hoping for more detailed info and experience from someone who has had this repair.