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Joel Gambino

Thanks for the input Bryan. I don’t think we have ever used anything harsh on the floor. It’s vinyl and we usually just sweep and maybe wipe up with a soapy rag or surface wipe. I did find the operating specifications on the MTI website (Safe-T-Alert). The operating voltage is specified as 12 +/- 15%. That works out to 10.2 to 13.8 V. My charge controller will go above 13.8. I had suspected that it might be an over voltage problem since it seemed to happen midday when the voltage was high. But now it happens more often. I also thought that it might be detecting Hydrogen from the batteries, but I think that is very unlikely since the battery box is vented and the propane sensor is mounted low. If Hydrogen is being vented inside the camper it would immediately go up since it’s lighter that any other air constituents. When I replace it, I may experiment with the old one and see if it goes off at some high voltage.

I also read in the owners manual that they expire after 5 years. It wasn’t clear, but I got the impression that it had some sort of timer and once that expired, the unit would render itself unusable. Anybody have experience with this? I think it said it would flash 2 red and 2 green when it reached end of life.