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Carrie Miller

It seemed to be an insidious drain on my battery which there are a few things in the camper that do this so I just did not put it back in. The first replacement appeared to work ok, then in about a year it went off again so I returned it to the co, they returned it saying it was working ok. And my battery was dead, this was over the winter if I recall. I just never reinstalled it because I think it was part of my battery going dead problem. I boondock a lot and had a couple of issues with my battery draining to dead; one was the noisy fridge fan the other was probably the co detector and the fan inside the battery compartment. IF your detector is fairly new the manufacturer may replace it for you. After 5 years I finally figured out that I needed a solar unit to keep my battery charged while boondocking so I bought a portable suitcase unit and this is the first year I have not had my camper battery run dead while out. Good Luck, Carrie