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David Casterson

I love looking at everyone’s rigs, especially great to see them out boondocking! Here’s ours. It’s a 2013 Alaskan 10 with Zamp 160 watt solar and and a 100 watt portable suitcase type panel plus two 220 amp Lifeline AGM batteries connected in series. I replaced the Thetford cassette with a shorter Thetford portipotti from my pervious rig to facilitate use while traveling with the top ‘down’. We love our showers so I constructed one using a wash basin with the legs cut off for a portable floor pan, tapped into the sink for hot and cold running water and installed a shower curtain which hangs from the ceiling. Like the wash basin, it stores of the way when not in use. We also have a pop up shower tent for use outside when it is not too cold and we don’t have neighbors. Did I say we like our showers?

Our truck is a 2019 extended cab F-250XLT gas. I like the entry level model for its easy to sweep out plastic floor and the extended cab rear doors for their super wide opening.