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Frank Mehaffey

Several years ago I was curious about the whole charging thing with our F250 with the camper package. The whole thing started when we would drain the single deep cycle TC battery when driving in hot weather with the fridge on DC. I must have written Ford 4-5 times, trying to go up the tech info ladder about the charging rates and what the amp rating should be in the camper package charging controller, and if there was some sort of algorithm governing draw and supply. Crickets could be heard. I got a few polite replies but no info. The other concern was that if I was not plugged into shore power, using the reico titan corner jacks, that I would often burn out the truck to camper 30 amp recharging fuse when raising the camper.

Anyway, talking about electrical systems in any online forum was confusing and often like having a discussion about religion or politics!

Mike replied to me and others in this forum, and had the most rational explanation on things here and in the articles he posted. There are many paths to electrical redemption!

What we do now is run our fridge on propane when on the road. Very low propane consumption, no problems, no draw on the batteries, of which we have two now. We replaced all our lights with LED’s. Put two solar panels on the roof with a good controller. We have a big, dark TC with some mitigation of excessive heat with light vinyl squares and a white painted roof. But since the best ac we can get will only drop the inside temp 20 degrees, I can’t afford the new space shuttle batteries. Don’t want a generator to lower my weight load, just for daytime cooling. Maybe if I had a 450 duelie……

Anyway, we try to stay in the shade wherever possible, when camping in the summer. If we went out west, which we hope to do, now that both of us are retired, we will go in the fall or the spring.

I’ve done what I can, and now I am very purposely not going to worry about things, unless something needs fixing, for the truck or for the TC. What I want to know now is if I turn off the propane, at the tanks, why can’t I go thru the Baltimore tunnel, or any other posted tunnel. Huh??