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Hey John,

No problem! I remember navigating these waters with not a great deal of experience, and every bit of advice helps, because let’s face it; the margin for error is slim out there in the open road. If you don’t upgrade your truck, or even if you do for that matter, I would absolutely add airbags to your shopping list. I have firestone bags with an air compressor from airlift that has a wireless remote. Super nice to adjust air during crosswinds Going down the road, or make adjustments if one side is heavier than the other. You’ll save $500 if you opt out of the compressor, and I’ve done it. They wire in the air ports down by your back bumper (which was kind of a pain to fill) and you don’t know if you’ve lost air or really where you’re at in your truck. The air compressor is worth the $500 extra. Also, the torklift company is known for their hitch assemblies, but I’m referring to the stableloads that engage your springs. Best two pieces of equipment I have for my camper. I’ll attach the link to the video so you have an idea. You’ll be good to go with those, bags and E rated tires. Happy camping friend!

2015 GMC DENALI 3500HD
2000 Arctic Fox 990S
Torklift Tiedowns /Torklift Fast guns
Firestone Airbags