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This would be an interesting trial, but I must confess that I don’t have a firm answer to this…However when thinking about this, since the voltage should be roughly within the same parameters I can’t really think of a reason why this strategy shouldn’t work – at least as an emergency back-up, but recharging would likely be a entirely different matter…AFAIK, this type Lithium battery has a very high power density (e.g. power = watts) meaning it most likely is of a ‘hotter chemistry’ (possibly cobalt based) than the typical and far more forgiving LiFePo4 RV drop-in type battery…Because of this, special attention would have to be given during the re-charge stage due to the potential of a fire hazard…This issue should not be under estimated – were you to try out this as a supplemental battery strategy, you should then strictly use the dedicated charger that was provided with the aforementioned battery…JMHO

Please report back as to your findings!