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Thanks Don! I appreciate your feed back.

I’ve pretty much decided on a Northern Lite camper. I don’t want any slides and prefer a well thought out fiberglass camper. I know Lance TC are top notch, but I’m not a fan of slides and their design choices. I’m not too picky about this, but the fact is I will be living in it full time and want to be comfortable. I’m also researching Bigfoot, but like the modernity of the Northern Lite.

I was thinking a short bed p/u due to easier maneuverability while in civilization. Do you think it’s worth the loss of space?

I’m leaning towards a gas engine due to increased payload, cheaper maintenance, and ubiquity of gasoline vs diesel fuel. It’s seems that the increased mileage with a diesel is not that spectacular with all the modifications now required for Diesel engines related to emissions. I did read that RAM may be coming out with a Cummins diesel with an Allison transmission, which would definitely make me reconsider a diesel. Have you heard anything about that?

As far as a 3500 truck of any manufacturer, am I correct in the understanding that these HD trucks have perfectly adequate suspension and sway bars, or is this something I would need to have done after purchase? Even the heaviest Northern Lite will be easily managed by either a gas or Diesel engine and I prefer to have excess power and stability, even in the worst conditions, rather than something underpowered and borderline unsafe.

Can you make an argument for a diesel? I do know I will be in this vehicle/TC for a good ten years before I retire. I do want a quality truck that will be able to last. I don’t have anything against buying used, however, I don’t know enough about trucks and engines to be qualified to see when I’m getting an excellent truck or a potential headache.

Thanks much for your thought!