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Hello all! New here and hoping to get some good info from this site. Looking forward to diving in and soaking up some knowledge.

About me: Travel RN for three years zipping around the US in a Chevy van (gasp!), which I love. However, it’s a big ol’ beast as it’s the extended version with a two foot fiberglass camper top. I’m stuck in civilization when I’m working, but on days off and between contracts, I’m finding I want to get further out and away from said civilization. My van is a RWD, and while I’ve been on some sketchy roads, I tend to error on the side of caution cause towing me outta the sticks costs a whole lot of money. I’m currently considering changing to a truck and slide in camper. I’ve reconciled my pros and cons, so hoping to get some insight from this forum to make the best choices for myself.

I’ve (almost) decided on the camper, but am hemming and hawing about the truck. Diesel? Gas? Ram? Ford? Chevy? Dually? I’m hoping to buy within the next year, don’t plan on towing anything, just toting the camper. Just me and my 50 pound doggo navigator up front. I do know I want a 4WD crew cab (which I know reduces payload) – the rest is undecided. I will say when I started looking at trucks, I was surprised by the smallish payloads on some of the HD Trucks.

Throw all your truck thoughts at me, good or bad! I appreciate any feedback you might have.

Hello Ramona, Truck Camper for 9 years, 2 different campers and 6 different trucks. You are doing the right thing by picking your TC first, then buying the truck. I would look hard at Arctic Fox with one or two slide outs. AF makes a quality TC, I had one for 8 years with zero issues and was doing 25 trips a year. Here is one for sale that would give you a good TC and a place to live for years to come: https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2015-Northwood-ARCTIC-FOX-996-5012907390

Truck: Ford F 350 Diesel I would suggest a newer model a ‘15 up https://www.cargurus.com/Cars/inventorylisting/viewDetailsFilterViewInventoryListing.action?zip=75250&inventorySearchWidgetType=PRICE&trimNames=Lariat&cabins=CREW&showNegotiable=true&sortDir=ASC&sourceContext=untrackedWithinSite_false_0&distance=50&sortType=DEAL_SCORE&endYear=2020&startYear=2015#listing=275785837

These are just some examples I am throwing out to give you food for thought. I have owned 5 F 350’s and 1 F 450. I have nearly 250,000 total driving miles with no major issues at all and only a few minor issues, all covered by warranty. Since I have no idea of your budget not sure where to begin, so look at the links and I will be happy to help, answer questions and do my best to guide you in the right direction…

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas