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We have the Lance 650 and it is a pretty good camper.

One propane tank, small holding tanks, ONE battery, fridge location is odd and it’s performance could be better. The DC option doesn’t keep up when driving down the road. No place for a generator if you want/need to carry one (so far, we’re doing without).

Very agile since it is a snug fit on our Ram 3500, so no big overhang on the sides on those narrow trails. The jacks are nice and tight to the truck and we don’t worry about snagging them on obstacles like we did with the larger camper we used to have. If staying in a campground we fit in any level spot since we’re 22′. There is decent storage inside for the small size, and we’ve learned to live with the small tanks. If you’re on shore power, the air conditioner is MORE than adequate. We carry a Zamp 160w solar panel which actually does really well topping off that single battery.

Our truck is a crew cab, SRW 4×4. We use the back seat to store a lot of stuff. We installed a safety net behind the front seats to protect against heavy stuff flying around in case of an accident.

All in all, we like our camper.