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I had the original papers on our truck showing the camper option so that part was okay. We just didn’t have the glove box paper. We actually have plow springs in the front and we had the rear camper sway bar until I upgraded it.

First trip to a truck camper lot and truck campers at the time was almost all they did and the first thing they said was “your truck can handle anything on the lot”. Some multislide Lances there along with Big Foot non-slides, single rear wheel. I don’t think so.

A few years back when I was still an RVDA member, I was talking with the sales manager for Lance in Las Vegas at the National RVDA Convention and I asked what he thought about weights. What he said to me and this is an almost direct quote as I remember it “everything we make should go on a dually”. Now I am not saying his position was not extreme, just saying.

I keep pushing for transparency so buyers know what the ratings and recommendations are and why. What they do with that information is up to them, but at least they don’t have to turn over every rock or struggle with the fine print to find out! 🙂


Steve and Andra
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