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Hi Greg,

Yeah, I don’t know. I just find the whole situation in the RV world to be a mess. I am completely in favor of manufacturer transparency; what end users do with it is up to them.

I believe the risks with AGMs venting is likely to be exceedingly low. If not, I am sure we would have heard of lawsuits related to venting long ago. I have only witnessed one case of gassing and that was when an owner with a high dollar inverter/charger set the charger to “equalize”, which the batteries clearly could not handle, so I guess that makes about once every 30 years. 🙂

As to my certificate weight. I don’t know it. We bought our truck used, however I know on the Ford site some folks have said their truck did not have one right out the showroom door so I don’t know if ours was lost or never was. I do have our CAT scale receipts when we are ready to travel fully loaded and we just squeak under on our rear axle, front has plenty to spare.

Do I think the majority of folks run over their sticker weights? Absolutely. Do I worry about it? Not at all. The reality as I see it again is if failures due to overloading were as common as folks doing it, we would be reading about it daily.

I do get really tired of manufacturers and sales people looking for ways to dump any liability issue back on the shoulders of their customers and that pretty well sums up my push for transparency. 🙂


Steve and Andra
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