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Sean Silvera

I have State Farm for everything. I did add the camper onto my Truck Policy as an addition. It actually didn’t cost me any additional but they want to know what they are getting into and the value. I told them my 4WC was 50K and they insured it. I also insured the PCOR Flatbed that the camper was on on the same policy. I had an accident and lost it all. State Farm paid out just about everything minus depreciation. The camper was 3 months old so almost got it all out of that!

The idea is not to beat around the bush and tell your broker you put a shell on your truck. you need to be specific and tell them the value of the camper. The broker won’t know what your talking about so be specific. Again…The addition of my 50K camper and 12K PCOR flatbed didn’t raise my cost of insurance. AND i do have everything bundled with State Farm. Auto, Life, Home and an Umbrella policy.