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I agree, however, since the several of the battery manufactuers call for venting, using their product as intended means with venting. You know from the first post I started this thread based on my discussion with a very well known battery supplier who was absolute in his statement to me that all AGMs require venting and my only purpose was to pass that information on. AGMs will vent in extreme situations. Your battery manufacturer in discussion with a member in another forum agreed Optima batteries should be vented.

Here is an example that I experienced. A number of years ago I purchased a diesel motorhome with a large battery bank and a horse of a inverter/charter and what I did not know was the dealer’s tech, without checking, set the charger to “Equalization” which I discovered on my arrival with the batteries gassing huge clouds of gas out of the motorhome bay. Certainly an rarity, but crazy things happen.

I presonally am not the safety police and am not trying to mandate what anyone else should do. Just passing on information. 🙂


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