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Through researching installation instructions of my Onan generator, 1,500w inverter, 6v AGM batteries and online RV wiring info it was determined more fuse protection and heavier gauge wire was recommended. Many hours and $1,024.later I’ve finished my high amp side electrical system. No location of the direct short was able to be determined due to the extensive melting of high AMP side wiring. Where there was almost 40Ft. of melted 4 AWG wire and a single 150AMP fuse. There is now 2 AWG marine grade cable and a 3- 150 amp, 1-50 amp ANL fuse in a separate panel. Main Battery cable from truck engine compartment to rear of coach RV battery bank is also now protected with 150 Amp ANL fuse’s as recommended by NVX XSBI200 Smart 200 Amp Relay Isolator. The old school starter solenoid had no fuse’s in wiring from truck batteries to RV batteries. Now, all the positive 2 AWG cable is run inside protective PVC flexible sleeves. Routing and securing of cable is now greatly enhanced.
I don’t know how other RV’s a wired. But I will say knowing now what I have learned about this RV, I would never buy it again. I’ve learned that my trucks 180 Amp alternator and the 6- batteries have a lot of power that was not respected. It is now, I am fully comfortable about the wiring and my RV is better than new.

2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4