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Hi Coly,

For me, and maybe this is only me, the rub is we have folks who supposedly are RVers basically doing everything they can to influence potential buyers. I am not opposed to people getting free merchandise as long as they say that is what they are doing, because I think at the very least that carries with it an implicit bias to paint things in the best possible light. What I don’t trust them to do is discuss the pitfalls or the negatives of whatever they are traveling in or promoting.

And some of the folks on YouTube are writing about technical things about which it is obvious to me they know very little and more importantly it strikes me they did not even make an attempt to thoroughly research their topic before they hit the keyboard. It also appears these folks have a significant number of followers who write incredibly positive comments about what they just saw.

As always my two cents and as I said, maybe just me. 🙂


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