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Welcome, AzGuy!

Coly has a point about a rally in September, because with current temps, it is either go high or go late(r in the season). Or both. There’s nothing to say we can’t go out more than once. (Oh darn, another excuse to take the rig out! Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

Given that temperature will rise/fall by about 3.5 degrees for every 1,000′ of elevation loss/gain, elevation during this time of year is definitely our friend. Just for an idea of how much of a friend I looked up current temps (6/22/2020 at 4pm) for some of the ideas tossed out.

Lake Powell, Az/Ut 3,600′ Temp: 102 Smoke likely.
San Juans, Co 9,000 Temp: 68 Temp extrapolated from Mountain Village, Co
C.Pink Sand Dunes, Ut 5,900 Temp: 95 This is a state park, is it open? Smoke?
Conway Summit area, Ca 9,000 Temp: 76 (Prob similar for White Mountains)
Uinta Mt. Ut 8,700 Temp: 73 Temp extrapolated from Vernal, Ut

Just food for thought, but not real keen on sweating in 100+ deg temps!