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I know what you mean, mine is 74 lbs. I was curious to what others do, and if I took it out, and plugged in the shore line without one if it would hurt the onboard charger, I am getting to the point where 74lbs is too heavy, but $400 bucks is a factor too. lol

Thanks for the article. It is almost 10 years old, so I could assume that the batteries are even better now. It is probably Ok to leave it in there as long is it doesn’t just sit there plugged in the whole time. Thinking about it more I have a battery cutoff switch and nothing says I can’t just disconnect it. but keep the shore line plugged in, so using the switch wouldn’t be any different than removing the battery but plugging in the shore line.

Maybe I will throw my battery back in. It is nice to have instant lights if I go out there at night.